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Land Management

Why should you be concerned about land management?

A First Nation government is a large land owner. Land owners have major responsibilities regarding who gets to live where (tenure), what is happening on the land (permitting, inspections and monitoring), and what should be happening on the land (planning).

There are issues of liability (what happens if there is an oil spill?) and the challenge of transitioning from a traditional system of land management to a modern system. Complete land management involves a wide variety of fields and a comprehensive approach to administration. Is your government ready?

Let des help you build a modern, efficient and fair system of land management.

What if you do not have the expertise in-house to perform all the responsibilities of a government? des can bring many of these skills to your service. By calling on des to assist you with advice, services or training, you will greatly expand the capabilities of your administration while retaining ownership and control.

What about building capacity?

des can supplement you in-house capacity and will work with you to train your staff, and to develop appropriate solutions to help your staff enhance their own capacity.

How can des help you with land management?

Your Challenge Your des Solution
We have difficulty retaining experienced and qualified staff des staff will be available from Whitehorse or in your community
We don't know who "owns" land or the houses in our community des can help you build an information system to track land and home "ownership" (tenure)
We don't have a permitting system in place to know who is doing what on our lands des can build you a comprehensive system to issue and manage permits on your lands
We don't know how old the fuel tanks are on our land, or when they were last inspected des can help you develop an inspection regime and information system to help reduce your risk and liability

Download an introduction to des land management services here.

Special Services

  • permitting databases
  • GIS development
  • strategic and policy recommendations
  • protection of traditional land uses
  • … and much more