danu environmental services

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Reaching your potential

Comprehensive services in environmental and land management

Enhancing your capacity, protecting your interests

A comprehensive approach to land and environmental management will help your First Nation achieve its goals for development and resource use in the present, while respecting and protecting the land for the future.

des brings technical expertise and proven experience working with Yukon First Nations to your service.

des offers a unique set of solutions to challenges common in Yukon:

Land Management

danu environmental services offers a number of comprehensive products that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. As your government grows, des will adapt to grow with you and your changing goals.

des can help you:

  • create a complete inventory of your lands
  • manage activities on your lands
  • reduce liability to spills
  • implement the fair allocation of lands
  • manage lands sustainably, with a vision for the future

Environmental Management

des can supplement your own expertise with experience and advice regarding environmental protection and assessment.

des can help you:

  • enhance your submissions to YESAB
  • assist with your relationships with project proponents
  • improve the efficiency of your government
  • complement your in-house strengths with specialized skills
  • strengthen your ability to make your voice heard

Custom Solutions

Regardless of the goals or capacity of your government, des can audit your current practices, and help you develop solutions to land and environmental management issues suited for your individual situation.

There are certain concepts and best practices that we all should strive to attain, but the path to these solutions must be appropriate. des will help you meet you goals, regardless of where you are starting from.

What's New?

danu environmental services is ready to visit you to discuss how we can help you meet and exceed your goals.