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Environmental Management

How can you improve your environmental management?

Yukon First Nations have been participating in the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment process for many years—there remain concerns that First Nation values and interests are not being fully recognized by regulators and proponents. Communicating these values requires certain skills and expertise that can be difficult to retain in remote communities.

  • Do your submissions to YESAB reflect your values, interests and rights effectively?
    • Let des help you participate in environmental assessments effectively.
  • Do your strengths leave you with challenges in certain technical areas? Is your government unable to move forward due to these shortfalls?
    • Let des help you use your unique strengths to move your government forward.
  • Are you at risk of making decisions now—or missing opportunities in the present—that could jeopardize the future?
    • Let des help you make decisions that are right for the present, and the future.

How can des help you with environmental management?

  • Ensuring your responses to YESAA projects properly represent your interests.
  • Representing your government and offering guidance on major protects within your traditional territory.
  • Building procedures within your department to allow staff to work on things that matter, instead of being overwhelmed with administration.
  • Offering suggestions for environmental assessment submissions prepared by your staff.
  • Building databases to handle permits, land rights, buildings and houses, and cultural land-based resources.
  • Developing cost-effective and appropriate geographical information systems (GIS).

Download an introduction to des environmental management services here.

Special Services

  • heating fuel tank management systems
  • inventory of land-based resources
  • auditing of your practices
  • representation for major projects and YESAB meetings
  • spatial services and products (GIS)
  • … and much more