danu environmental services

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danu environmental services

Experience, integrity, vision.

Our Vision

We aspire to help Yukon First Nations achieve independence, vitality and sustainability. While moving forward with modern technologies and systems, Yukon First Nations will remain true to their history, and the values that allowed them to thrive in these lands.

We seek to help Yukon First Nations build the types of capacity that are appropriate to the staff and the community. We begin with a vision of the desired outcome in mind, but with an understanding of the reality, and the history, of how things are. This approach ensures a solution that is appropriate to the cultural, technological and social context will be achieved.

des strives to achieve win-win solutions by building on respect and communication. We believe Yukoners, and visitors to the territory, share the fundamental desire to see development occur responsibly and respectfully. By approaching assessments with optimism and respect, des will enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome.

About Us


Formed in 2010, danu environmental services (des) is a small company with the vision and skills to help Yukon First Nations make substantial progress in their land and environmental management practices.

danu environmental services is ready to help Yukon First Nations' governments meet their goals to responsibly and sustainably manage Settlement Lands, participate in environmental assessments, and ensure their interests are fully respected by all visitors to the traditional territories.

The signing of final agreements has brought incredible opportunity—and challenges—to Yukon First Nations. des can help your government achieve its goals in land management.

The retention of qualified personnel can be challenging. des is ready to lend assistance where staff require guidance, training or advice.

Karl Blattmann, M.Sc.


Karl Blattmann has extensive experience working with and for Yukon First Nations in the fields of environmental and land management. Specializing in the development of land management solutions since 2008, Karl brings expertise in policy, technology, administration and environmental assessment to your organization. Karl's experience working with First Nation governments, other levels of government, and industry provides you with assistance in communicating the values and priorities of your organization to your counterparts.

What does "danu" mean?

Danu refers to an ancient water goddess and an ancient word for "river". Danu also refers to a number of rivers, including the Danube River in eastern Europe.

Download an information pamphlet regarding des here.

The need for expertise.

Yukon First Nations face huge challenges maintaining experienced and qualified staff. Indeed there are few people with the wide range of skills needed to manage settlement lands and act to protect and enhance First Nation sovereignty.

des can fill a gap of expertise in your organization.